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Totally Nude Massage

There is something wonderfully releasing about a totally nude massage. WINKS London specialises in giving the very best totally nude massages by incorporating the ancient practices of sensual Tantra and releasing from deep within the stresses and pressures of life, particularly the tensions caused by the current financial crisis. Of course, some organisations when they talk about a totally nude massage they are really talking about an escort service. WINKS London is not an escort service but the women that work as masseuses are experts in touch and sensuality.

A typical experience for a man or woman who wishes to have a totally nude massage would be for the doorbell to ring and to discover there on the step, the most amazing looking young woman. At that point the WINKS masseuse will take control and after a little chat will prepare the room where the totally nude massage is to take place. She will prepare the room by lighting candles and incense sticks and by playing special music designed to aid the relaxing process during the massage.

Once the client has showered, he or she may be amazed to see the sensationally attractive young WINKS masseuse slip out of her clothes to expose her nude body entirely. WINKS masseuses are always one 100% naked when the carry out a WINKS massage. The simple rule is that the WINKS masseuse does all the touching and the client lies down and is taken care of in every possible way. It is a truly magical experience for most clients to have the most exquisitely delightful massage.

Feelings and sensations that have lain undiscovered may come to the surface and the reaction can be enlightening, emotional and sensational.

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