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The Ultimate in Pure Escapism

Step inside the heavenly temple of WINKS London and submit to the delicate touch of our masseuse goddesses as they unlock new found desires from the sacred vault of your mind.

Each of your five senses will be transfixed and tantalised as some of the world’s most beautiful and elegant women manipulate your body in ways you didn’t even think possible.

Acquiesce to the hypnotic and enthralling passion of our masseuses, providentially selected to entice and excite you with their sensual nature, playful personalities and Tantric talent.

WINKS London is the tangible embodiment of thousands of years of corporeal exploration, combining the titillating practice of Tantra, the electrifying body movements of the East and gentle, Californian-style caresses to form a new experience that truly pushes the limits of mankind’s ancient understanding of pleasure.

Choose from a smorgasbord of delectable massage options, including WINKS’ superbly sensual WINKS massage, the invigorating MEGA WINKS, the electrifying XTREME WINKS experience, and, of course, TANTRA by WINKS, the connoisseur’s massage.

Or amplify your hedonistic horizons forever by introducing a lover to the pleasure-giving principles of WINKS London massages, with the intense sensual adventure that is the Lovers’ WINKS, the Massage for adventurous Couples.

Imagine our masseuse’s oiled-up body, gently caressing your own as you indulge in the sweet bouquet of smokeless candles and perfumed incense… this is what true pleasure looks, feels, and smells like.

Forsake everything that goes on outside of the WINKS London sanctuary of massage; for as long as the massage lasts, it’s just you, the masseuse and an unlimited expanse of pleasure to pursue.

WINKS London’ Art of Seductive Touch ethos is massage’s Magnum Opus, so enter this sanctuary today and let us transport you to an alternative constellation of gratification.

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