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Common questions answered…

Do WINKS London operate an in-call / walk-in facility?
NO. Our WINKS Masseuses visit you. At present, WINKS Lon don only offer an outcall visiting service for hotels and select residential addresses.

Do WINKS London offer more than a massage?
NO. WINKS London is not an escort service and do not offer sexual services of any kind. All WINKS Massages are strictly massage-only for the purpose of relaxation. Please read carefully Terms of Service and Code of Conduct for Clients.

Can WINKS Masseuses be touched and fondled? NO. Just relax and let the WINKS Masseuse do all the work. Every Massage in our Collection is designed for you to lie back, receive and enjoy. Please remember her boundaries at all times as specified in Terms of Service and Code of Conduct for Clients.

Can a WINKS Massage be extended?
YES. Please indicate so within the first 10 minutes of your WINKS Masseuse arrival.

Can a WINKS Massage be booked for a friend?
NO. Although you can only book a WINKS Massage for yourself by calling our WINKS Valet, she will be delighted to speak to your friend and book a WINKS Massage for him or her.

Can a booking time be changed?
YES. Please notify our WINKS Valet at least TWO HOURS prior to your booking time to avoid a rescheduling fee of £200.