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This is the Moment…

This is the Place…

This is The WINKS Mix

– Vol. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 –

A tempting sampler of the most sensually-inspiring and stimulating sounds, exclusively compiled for WINKS London to accompany your browsing experience and perfectly complement the WINKS Massage…

– So Smooth –

Ambient perfection, cool, funky and definitely creamy smooth. A musical smoothie of flute, guitar, bass and keyboard melt your worries to oblivion. Taking a vacation from stress never felt so easy.

– I Dream Of Laura –

A gentle, soothing embrace, full of sensual intimacy, warmth and reflective inspiration. A languid electric guitar softly guides to a distant universe where stress simply does not exist. Very dreamy indeed….

– Frozen –

Elegant guitar married to a laid back tempo so exotic, it spells pure trouble for this sub-zero yet liquidy cool creation. The sensual facet of a transient moment, lost in reflection… to tease your senses.

– Indian Lounge –

The quintessence of Tantric cool, a modern interpretation of ethnic lounge laced with sitar, soft beats and dreamy vocals, gradually building-up to a Chakra energizing Grand Finale.

– Changchun –

Dreamy Chinese Temple Flute and Kantele (Asian harp) over epic contemporary groove take you to a distant Eastern land of mythical creatures and karmic pleasures…. The Orient, revealed like never before. Feel the Rebirth.

– Aquamarine –

Soothing chillout groove, combining ambient synth and gentle waves of seductive anticipation. A flirtatious little number, capturing your imagination, feeding your fantasies…. Dive in.

– Sundaze –

Chilled out house with ambient pads, soft house beat and a gentle piano…. The perfect tune to a midnight drive through a silent metropolis, fleeting neon lights seen while cruising a raised highway, peaceful cityscape: total sensory Zen.

– Bejin Love –

A delicate flower from an Orient, long forgotten. Soft lounge groove of floating eru (violin) playing concubine to a shakuhachi flute, soothes the soul, calming the senses. Sensual story telling…. Scheherazade would have been jealous.

– Smooth and Easy –

Big fat grooves with lush guitars and smooth bass line, lazily echoing into the night, inviting the restless to hang it all up. An ephemeral, surreal moment of dreamy floatation. Just try it.

 – On A Blue Note –

Smoky blues with a sultry rhythm, teased to perfection by a couple of harmonicas and a Hammond. A window of opportunity wide opened into the Bayou nights, gives renewed meaning to Southern comfort.

– Chilled Out –

A timelessly fresh dialogue of luscious beats perfectly punctuated with languid synths whispering in the background, a single stubborn piano vying for one’s attention. So chilled is the colour of night in its deepest hour… What next?

– Book Of Naghma –

Positively thoughtful Indian chill-out. A gradient sensual swirl celebrating Shakti and Shiva, the sacred cosmic energy of empowerment, perfectly distilled to revitalize the most tired of souls. A tune to take to Nirvana.

– Tabula Rasa –

Laid back cool Latin jazz groove with smooth electric guitar…. Subtle, delicate, and very sexy. A forbidden promise whispered in the middle of the night, enticing all inhibitions to fade away.

– Midnight –

So laid back, so lazy, so sexy…. An irresistible cocktail of fretless bass, vintage keyboards and trip hop beats. And that shakuhachi flute, delicate, sensual whisper, reminding to live the moment to the full. Shhh…

* * * * *

WINKS Mix Vol.3 – The Soundtrack for Your Pleasure

– 80-90 –

Deeply atmospheric groove… As calming as inspiring. A jazzy bass intertwined with sensuous guitar melodies. An aural treat beyond lounge, chillout, smooth jazz and blues. Uniquely tasteful and appealing…

– You’re So Groovy –

Mellow and smooth brought together at last. On a yacht, under the stars, caressed by a light breeze… Is there a martini involved somewhere as well?

– Yalta –

Soft and relaxing ambient tune with a stubborn rhythm and playful melodies. Definitely for grown-ups. Quintessensual late night delight.

– Western Sunset –

Slide guitar and languid sensual southern flavour…yet unassumingly contemporary. An irresistible treat reminiscent of a steamy summer night.

– To The Limit –

Cool, light progressive groove with ethereal world vocals. A steady rhythmic ascension to celestial bliss. Shaken, not stirred. All the way.

– Right Control –

Worldly and cheesy-chic at once. Groovy exotic down-tempo meets cheeky little player of a Saxophone for a magical encounter. Spatial World percussion deliciously layered. A bit of a naughty tune, then.

– Parfum D’Amour –

An intimately chilled groove. A secret shared between an ambient piano, sympathetic synth pads and soul-stirring vocals. Breezy to perfection and a very sensual statement of intent.

– Mosaic –

A mystical Arabic Ney flute melody… An promisingly charged take-off… The irrepressible pull of a new Sensual Universe… Pure Arabian Nights for the 21st Century.

– Lucan’s Dream –

Passionate dreams of cool mystery. Latin everything… from Spanish acoustic guitar, Cuban drums, bass & marimba. Emotions abound at every corner. In Style.

– Ephix –

Dreamy Chillout meets Reflective Lounge. Groovy light beat. Electric Piano/Rhodes, Drum Grooves and Saxophone… Much cooler than Ice Tea in the shades.

– Earth Song –

Eastern male and distant female chants carry along this ambient sensory discovery. From deep inside the earth… a warm breath of a tune. Organic, transcending ages, a nurturing nirvana. Ginseng for your spirit as well as your mojo.

– Chill Acoustic –

Easy-going, starry, breezy and suave. A delicious chill-out jewel with acoustic guitars and the very slightest of jazzy feel. Summertime, relaxation, good times, romance and sun-licked beaches, all rolled into one irresistible chillout groove.

– Aqaba –

Haunting female Arabic vocal with ethnic percussions… An irresistibly rich blend of sensual emotions recalling the visuals of endless desert sands.

* * * * *

WINKS Mix Vol.2 – The Soundtrack to Your Pleasure

– Quixadi –

A sensually elevating fusion of Indian flavoured female vocals, a lounge-beat groove, and upbeat piano. Playfully joined by a Ney flute performance.

– Albina –

Soul-soothing female vocals carry you through your martini on a mild Friday evening after work. For a richly sensual mood….

– Secret Garden –

A soothing piano with a light beat takes you on a ride across greener pastures. All with an introspective undertone.

– Beauty –

Deep mellow groove with a spatial ambient sound. When least expected, a violin joins-in…. seamlessly swapping flavours and continents.

– Redondo 95 –

A never-ending build-up of deeply luscious ambient vibes spiced with faint background laughter, chimes, gorgeous piano solos and cloudy Bliss.

– Summits –

Fluid – Dreamy – Uplifting – Sparkly – Teaser of a playful little tune. Ignore it at your own risk.

– Om Shrim Gan –

Hypnotic, exotic vocals and ethnic drumming melt together with a sitar and steady beats to weave tantric intimacy and sensual spirituality.

– Come With Me –

A Light, Soft and Smooth Chillout tune, gentle to the touch and on your ears…. Peaceful, Calm, Relaxing, and Easy. The quintessential Sunday afternoon.

– Celebrity Set –

Oh so breezy…. Fresh musical air to invigorate the soul, the tired psyche, the mood, not to forget the Mojo.

– Soothing Soul –

Crisp yet warm, slow yet uplifting, soothing yet fresh, sitting somewhere between pop, chillout, R&B and smooth jazz. Wonderfully melodic with instant appeal.

– Brasil –

A stylish and tasty, middle-tempo modern chillout lounge, sprinkled with latino drums, fender Rhodes piano, double-bass and piano leads. Sensual Mystery meets Erotic Suspense.

– Constellations –

Gets tastier each time it plays. Ambient electronica. Subtle and elegant. Echoing electronic beats and guitar licks. Definitely not from concentrate.

* * * * *

WINKS Mix Vol.1 – The Soundtrack of Your Pleasure

– Catena Mundi –

Loungy eastern beats + haunting female vocals = a swaying feel to it. It hooks you. Everytime. Resistance is futile.

– Ocean –

Liquidy lounge grooves with a zen-like ethnic tinge…. yet somehow, manages effortlessly to keep things sensually charged.

– Making Love –

Sensual lyrics and a soothing female voice that spells instant trouble, carry you through a passionate encounter. The name really says it all.

– Spooky Love –

Ambient waves carry you along on a groovy tide of other-worldly delights. Pure Fresh Air. An instant turn-on.

– September Break Ambient –

Smooth flowing ambient sounds carry you into an ethereal world of angelic bliss. A dream-like escape to city life…. Ideal for those who dream in 3D.

– Shimmer –

Floating, upbeat ambient with foot-tapping beats. Yet a soothing antidote from routine, caffeine, nicotine and anything else ending with “ine”….

– Introspect –

Mellow, ambient, sounds floating around you in a soothing cloud. Never soporific. Fact is, the opposite with its slow and powerful ascension.

– Dreamer –

Ambient noise of a sticky summer evening, a saxophone and a groovy bosa-beat blend magically together for this funky yet captivating tune.

– Masha Kluassak –

Water falling into a fountain of ultra-relaxing lounge with an unmistakably eastern flare. Feel Free. Be Free. Slip into a clear blue sea of naked tranquillity.

– Submerged –

A blend of ethereal female vocals and smooth melodies to make you forget the mundane, yet experience the unforgettable. Contradictory and confusing… Reminds you of anyone?

– Middle Path –

Spiritually Balanced Exotic Eastern Electronica Esoterica…. a trippy signature piece, as you can no doubt see. The one you simply can’t help coming back to. A toxic lover….

– The Promise –

A funky, slightly cocky, chillout lounge beat scented with the light erotic trepidation of a mid-summer tryst. So stylish. Very Groovy. Pure Class.

– Living Easy –

Luxurious chillout groove with gentle piano & dreamy pads. An irresistible classic. Simply gorgeous.

* * * * *

WINKS Mix Technical Details:
Format: MPEG1 – Layer 3 (MP3)
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
Channels: Stereo

…Experience For Yourself