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Excerpts of WINKS London Review’s published by clients on numerous review websites.

I’ve been using WINKS massage services regularly since 2011, and I’m a woman. Although it took me a while to find the kind of service I wanted, eventually I found WINKS, which is just perfect. The masseuses always arrive promptly, everything else is smooth and easy. I’ve tried a few different girls over time, they’ve always been very good at what they do. I recommended the women’s massages to my friends, so really encourage any women contemplating a WINKS massage to give it a go. We so deserve it! It’s a great experience, and the company makes it a pleasure all the way.

– R.C., Chelsea

WINKS really is a five-star service. Enjoy the experience every time I’m in London, there’s always something new to try. Definitely recommended.

– D.M., Basel

I came to London for the weekend with my girlfriend for a luxury break. We wanted to do something really special, so we decided to have a massage together. A few options came up, we picked WINKS because we liked how they sounded on the phone. Two girls came to our hotel room in under half an hour, my girlfriend was really nervous about meeting them, but they were really pretty in a natural kind of way and smiled a lot, so she stopped being intimidated. The massage itself was just mind blowing, there’s no other way of putting it, we had an amazing time. It was the most expensive thing we’d ever done, but totally worth it.

– C. G., Manchester

I don’t usually have time to review services, but I would like to thank WINKS for providing a relaxing, hassle-free experience. My health requires a regular massage whenever I travel, I’ve tried all kinds of services, but this is much better than going to a massage therapist, even, more relaxing and more pleasant. There’s no competition.

– R. P., New Delhi

I didn’t really know what to expect, I guess, I was expecting something a bit more like an escort service, but when the girl arrived, I felt a bit bad for thinking like that! She was really stylish and well-spoken, smiled a lot, but made it clear what the boundaries are. If I was ever sceptical, I was converted during the massage. They really know what they are doing at WINKS London, I’m definitely up for it again.

– K. S., Shoreditch

As a regular WINKS customer, I’m always enthusiastic to tell my friends about this reliable service. It’s a great company with great people, and the service they achieve is just fantastic.

– L.V.B., Islington