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Tantric Massage

100% pure WINKS

– By Exclusive Invitation Only –







WINKS London invite the True Sensualist, the spiritually conscious pleasure seeker, to discover the ancient treasures of tantric pleasures.

An intimate initiatic journey of sensual spiritual discovery to an amazing new world of mystical and ecstatic experiences in the naked presence of a dedicated WINKS Masseuse as your dakini or guide, TANTRA by WINKS, is the enlightened exploration of powerful kundalini energy, the Divine sexual essence of Tantra, by elevating sensual pleasures into the realm of spiritual liberation.

A multi-dimensional sensory experience far exceeding the conceptual boundaries of a simple tantric massage, an exhilarating spiritual path of time-honoured practices designed to elevate sensual consciousness and move toward enlightenment, TANTRA by WINKS is a highly personalized creation to initiate, surprise and delight even the most jaded of connoisseurs. A carefully composed series of ancient worshiping rituals and meditative practices intent on deepening the flow of energy between Man and Woman, TANTRA by WINKS awakens the Divine Chakras within, leading you to savour an infinite and multiple range of intense blissful experiences.

…Om Shanti

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This tantric revelation is currently offered by exclusive invitation only to select Clients with a perfect record for behaviour and hygiene, and a minimum of five WINKS Massages under their belt within the prior three months.

WINKS London exclusively use hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining WINKS® Premium Massage Oil as well as smokeless candles and incense.

Kindly refer to FAQTerms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best WINKS Experience.


Prices exclude transport; Central London bookings may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.

Please note all bookings outside of WINKS business hours (1PM – 2AM) may incur a 40% surcharge.

WINKS London reserve the right at all times to change any indicated price without prior notice.