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The Magik Pink WINKS Massage

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100% Pure WINKS



2 hours……………£2,100

add. £tba for ELM


Desirable To Every Woman

For your unequalled sensory pleasure and unspoilt wellbeing benefits, WINKS does away with conventionality, artfully combining Body Care and 

Sensual Massage 

into its most complete of sensational creations.

“A near-permanent change in the fat tissue located under the skin, cellulite is an inevitable consequence of the ageing process and ensuing hormonal changes, with very little to be done to escape it. The layers of tissue between fat cells gradually become fibrous causing the skin to be pulled in different directions, giving the dreaded dimpled and orange peel appearance. Most women will get some cellulite as they age…. even skinny models”.

A luxuriating creation giving new meaning to “ultimate sensual indulgence”, The MAGIK PINK WINKS blissfully fulfils all your intimate desires with an irresistible blend of pleasure enhancing techniques designed by WINKS to not only awaken your entire body to the core of its sensory essence, but to also optimize the timely benefits accompanying hormonal releases (essential in targeting all trouble areas for reduction and prevention) by carefully alternating a unique sequence of effleurage and petrissage to maximize results. A one of a kind, as much sensual revelation as revolution, The MAGIC PINK WINKS is the long-awaited guilt-free selfish pleasure every woman can finally surrender to.

The MAGIK PINK WINKS is always performed with utmost care, consideration, and respect. Please feel free to express any preference or request, prior to or during the massage.

WINKS recommend: a warm shower shortly before, a clean, quiet and comfortable room, preferrably darkened during daylight hours. Your WINKS Masseuse will tend to the rest and create the ideal surroundings.

WINKS London exclusively use hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining WINKS® Premium Massage Oil as well as smokeless candles and incense.

Kindly refer to FAQ, Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best WINKS Experience.


Prices exclude transport; Central London bookings may incur a £35 taxi fare, other areas subject to quote.

Please note all bookings outside of WINKS business hours (1PM – 2AM) may incur a 40% surcharge.

WINKS London reserve the right at all times to change any indicated price without prior notice.