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Communication And Preparation For The Sensual Massage Of A Lifetime

WINKS clients who have enjoyed an executive massage experience already will naturally come back for more. Our naked massage is the most renowned sensual massage services available in the World. We also offer other stress relief massage services which include Lovers WINKS Massage and our special WINKS Double MEGA Massage.

A double massage means that you are provided with two beautiful masseuses, who will both be concentrating on you throughout the nude massage. With the sensual experience of two stunning women working on your body to ease that stress and tension away, you will undoubtedly find it is quite an exhilarating experience.

Before any executive massage takes place, it is important that the environment in which the nude massage is to take place has been fully prepared beforehand.

All phones and modes of communication should be turned off so you can switch off completely and think only about your masseuse and your naked massage. The room will be illuminated for you by our beautiful professional masseuse as she lights candles and burns incense. Make sure that the temperature of the room is at a comfortable level for both of you during the nude massage. Special oils are used by the masseuses to relax you completely, which are unscented and will not mark fabrics.

Sensual massage music will play as you relax and enjoy the gentle angelic touch of your masseuse. Your masseuse will also ensure that you are lying completely comfortably with a pillow and a complete relaxation posture.

Oils are always used because they prevents any sore spots from developing on the body whilst they smooth and moisturise you skin, reaching deeply into tired muscles and joints. Our massage oils are from one of the best brands around and they are worked deeply into the skin during the sensual massage to help reach your most intimate emotions.

During your executive massage, it is important to free your mind completely of the daily problems, stresses or deadlines which you have in your life and truly feel the healing hands of the beautiful woman who is caressing your skin.

Always feel free to mention anything to your masseuses during this time if it indicates to her that you prefer something done in a certain way to enhance your pleasure and comfort.

If you require harder or lighter strokes from your nude massage then request them and if you feel you want to take a break and stop at any time then it is totally up to you to decide. If all levels of communication are kept between you and your masseuse then you will gain more from the stress relief massage.

It is often the case that a client will want to spend more time with WINKS masseuses and if you have only made a booking for a visiting massage for a certain amount of time and it elapses then it is possible to hire our masseuse for a longer period of time by contacting us directly.

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