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Develop Body Awareness With Massage

The benefits of experiencing tactile sensations are many and varied and can touch a person at all levels – mind body and spirit – especially with sensual massage. However, to feel these pleasurable feelings fully, a person must learn to release old tensions and negative patterns to the point where the body and mind are relaxed and at one with each other.

Through tantric massage, offered across London with WINKS, a person can become aware of even the most subtle sensations. As the masseuse touches the body the pleasure and bliss created plays across the whole body and expands out into other areas of life.

Sensual massage in London by WINKS is a uniquely luxurious experience which can be enjoyed in the sanctuary of the home or hotel room. In preparation of a nude massage people can practice developing body awareness of sensations. It can help to picture what an exclusive exotic massage by WINKS will entail.

Lying in a relaxed position, you become aware of the air moving across the skin. Your WINKS Masseuse is an expert in setting the perfect ambience with low lighting, fragranced oil and soothing music. Taking time to play with the body’s awareness to sensual stimulus will make a person more open to the pleasurable possibilities achieved with tantric massage. Mental chatter will eventually quieten and disappear so that you have full sensory awareness as the masseuse works her magic. As a person’s awareness of their surroundings disappears they enter a world of pure bliss and pleasure.

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