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The Ultimate Pleasure Guide to Sensual Massage

The Ultimate Pleasure Guide to Sensual Massage

It can be an intimidating endeavour for those who have never engaged in such an experience to request a visit from the mesmerising, intelligent and generous nude masseuses who make up the collective known and respected worldwide as WINKS London, yet those with concern need not worry.

Each client is treated with unending devotion, discretion and respect, and each masseuse is as equally at home in leading a shy client for the first time through the many delicate details of nude massage as they are in exceeding the requests of the most experienced WINKS connoisseurs.

The primary notion required for full enjoyment of a WINKS sensual massage is to disregard all tiresome earthly concerns and personal problems, the bills and appointments and myriad other elements that take up so much of one’s precious consciousness in daily life.

Preparing the Chakras for a Sensual Massage

It is then essential to prepare one’s chakras, which can be separated into the three heart, root and sacral chakras. These can be traditionally addressed in preparation for a sensual massage in the following manner: first, by placing the left hand upon the heart to open oneself to intimacy, to love, to passion and spur the heart chakra; second, by placing the right hand upon the anus to unlock the root chakra; finally, by moving the right hand to the lingam in order to awaken in three aspects one’s chakras.

Ultimately, one must focus on the singular truth that they are about to undergo a life-changing experience that will benefit them in countless ways, for it is only the full and unabashed recognition of this truth that will generate the fullest levels of anticipatory contemplation. Envision the sensation of the goddess that is your masseuse addressing each and every micron of your being with her unwavering touch.

The Psychological and Spiritual Benefits of a Sensual Massage

As with all experiences that require us to exceed our previous limits of sensation, there is in finality nothing that can be done to truly prepare for a WINKS sensual massage except to take the final step. Overcoming apprehension and nerves is just one element of the abundant psychological and spiritual benefits that accompany the completion of such a massage.

Whether one is compelled to carry out the traditional preparation of the chakras synonymous with the build-up to the sensual massage, or simply wishes to carry into the experience their own personal version of the anticipatory contemplation, the result is the same.

An all-encompassing, physically liberating and spiritually cleansing experience that will never be forgotten, and likely repeated once the recipient undergoes the full realisation of the sheer state of heightened existence ushered in by this mesmeric act.

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