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The Perfect End To The FA Cup Final in London

Taking place this year on Saturday, 27 May, the FA Cup final will see tens of thousands head to the vaulted berths of Wembley Stadium, and millions more will grip the edges of their seats at home, as Arsenal and Chelsea clash in the culmination of a thrilling season of football.

It’s the perfect culmination to a day spent across the capital or close by at Wembley’s London Designer Outlet, or with visits to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and Sanatan Temples, two of the capital’s most remarkably well-kept architectural secrets.

Whether deep in the stands and alive with the energy of the crowd, or dining in the exclusive Bobby Moore Room restaurant and looking down upon the pitch as if in the upper tiers of the infamous Colosseum, it is near-unanimous that there is no greater sporting spectacle upon British soil.

Nothing will prepare visitors for this raucous and energetic experience, yet when the game is over, the spoils have been claimed and the capital is lit by well-oiled celebrations, a perfect way for those with an acquired taste to unwind is with a visit by one of WINKS London’s unforgettable Wembley masseuses, a form of post-match relaxation also enjoyed by many of the most affluent premier league footballers.

For those who enjoy games, the illuminating masseuse of WINKS London can provide an extremely thrilling massage that through WINKS’ unique brand of tantric massage and touch tackles, and runs circles around each base of one’s requirements for stimulating relaxation.

A WINKS masseuse is no ordinary masseuse and the performance she undertakes is no simple massage – each is a riotous coming together, a transcendental union of client and unrelenting yet understanding sensual force to take the discrete gentleman or woman to the edge of the pleasure they thought possible.

For those unsatisfied by the football or in search of a game with more at stake, a WINKS massage of customisable length and intensity is the sure solution. It is the most powerful and esteemed nude massage available in this fine city, a voyage into seductive touch that is at once verdant and voracious.

Just whisper your desires to one of WINKS’ discerning valets and they will be delighted to provide you with the first steps of a journey into unbridled sensual relaxation, which will unlock levels of relaxation and comfort perhaps not previously known, yet that will from that moment be bathed in gladly and often, as if a Roman emperor in a stone bath awash with scarlet wine.

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