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It’s real, it’s sensual, and it can be yours now…

They say you only live once, but how do you know you’ve really lived?

There are all those books and articles around, too – listing 1,000 places or movies you must see before you die, or music you must hear, or meals and delicacies you must eat. Because life is short, we don’t know what’s waiting for us at its end, and so many of our choices limit us. What if we had chosen that other career, that other life, that other turning in the road?

This is where we encounter WINKS. Because another thought lingering in the mind, one that never quite goes away, concerns not experiences of the imagination or the eyes – it concerns our physical senses. What if we had known ultimate sensual delight?

What could that be, the personal, tactile analogue of the most perfected French wine or the most refined perfume, the most powerful music or the most unforgettable spectacle? If we could translate that greatest visual experience we have ever had into sensations, what might we feel? That time you lay in turquoise water, feeling the sun prickling the skin on your back, your eyes dazzled with brilliant white sand and the miraculous electric colours of tiny fish darting around you. If you could translate all these wonders into one concentrated, physical, guiltless, total encounter of your naked body with the pure sensory delight of another body, perfectly in tune with yours and devoted to giving you the utmost delight, how would it feel?

That’s WINKS. The ambition is nothing less than to allow your body to meet what is almost a higher state of consciousness, to surge into another realm, the first time in your life to experience the quality of sensory release you’ve probably only ever dreamed of until now. WINKS is more than a dream. It’s real, it’s mind-blowing, and it can be yours now.

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