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From The Chelsea Flower Show to The Exotic

chelsea flower show

The Chelsea Flower Show takes place this year from 23-27 May and will draw remarkable crowds to the illustrious Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds, which will be transformed by the world’s leading garden designers, plant specialists and florists into an extravagant paradise set within the affluent and charming Chelsea district.

It is an unmissable event for plant-lovers, providing a natural alternative to engage the artistic eye to the many galleries of Chelsea such as the Saatchi and Hoppen pair, as well as a fresh and fertile playground for the capital’s elite with many young and influential visitors from around the world stopping by to enjoy the exotic species on display.

The show features bespoke and contemporary gardens in a range of categories, in which visitors can wander and immerse themselves, and as one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious flower shows brings an undeniable and wonderful colour and excitement to the capital.

After a day spent admiring the blooms, visitors may continue their examination of London’s finest and most tender flowers with a visit from one of WINKS London’s renowned Chelsea masseuses, whose soft and supple touch shall serve as a taut reminder that far more rousing creations abound in the capital than those of Chelsea’s planters.

Indulge with the utmost confidence in the intelligence and elegance of WINKS London’s opulent mistresses, each well-versed in the private art of seductive touch and observe how, through years of dedication to uncorking the discerning gentleman or woman, they have blossomed like a sensuous orchid into a provider of London’s most powerful, transcendental sensual massage experience.

A WINKS masseuse in full performance is a sight to behold, and a sight that one of WINKS’ discrete valets will be most satisfied to provide. Simply describe to her the manner of experience most desired then sit back and enjoy the lasting impression of the capital’s leading nude massage in london.

And as the Chelsea Flower Show packs away for another year, with its prize blooms auctioned off and planted in beds across the capital, so will the roiling memory of the WINKS experience – still tangible in the body’s unfamiliar state of sheer, loose relaxation – be planted in the depths of the mind. Here it may well grow, enticing one to stop by once again, in the same primal manner as a vine that unfurls and creeps across the jungle floor to ensnare and draw in a wild yet helpless beast.

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